Making a Life, Doing What You Love

Hi Everyone!  I have started this website because I want to help every animal lover out there make a life by doing what they love.   I have had the great pleasure of owning my own pet sitting business now for six years.  I enjoy it very much, and it has served me well.  I intend to use this website to help others start their own successful pet sitting businesses.

To this end I’ve published an e-book for the beginning pet sitting which outlines everything you need to know to start a pet sitting business, from insurance to business type to marketing.  I give you all the information I wish I had known when I was starting out.  Please see my “Products” page for more details.

I truly find happiness in showing everyone that you CAN make a life doing what you love.  I look forward to interacting with lots of future pet sitters out there!

Making a Life by Doing What You LOVE!